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there is a setting where u can put left mouse button for blinking if any of u wanted to know

Enjoyed this game so much that I played it twice! Really wonderful storytelling, would love to see more like this :)

this is the greatest Freaking game i have ever played in my whole entire live at the end i was crying and also very happy 


This is one of my favorite games of all time. Seriously spent a good few hours bawling my eyes out and it was totally worth it. Such a neat mechanic to play with too.

Oh. my. god. I cannot recommend this game enough.

Just make sure you have a good hour or two to be alone and get ready to sob like you've never sobbed before.

Is there a way to test to see if my webcam/eyes are compatible with this game before downloading?


I used my iPhone as a webcam and my eyes are naturally relaxed to the point where the top of my iris is always hidden by eyelid and still worked like magic. You'd be fine with whatever you have, the calibration system is there for a reason.

Yeah! The calibration system is pretty great! I tried with two different pair of eyeglasses and it worked great. My only advice is to not play the game during dusk, since you'll need to re - calibrate the game by pausing it, and that breaks the pace a little.

Also there is an accessibility option that lets you control blinking with manual clicks. I assume it's on the Itch version, I own the Steam edition though.


Any chance of a Linux build?

Gorgeous game.


Such a beautiful game. 10/10 would cry again

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This game was a beautiful game and taught me that Life really counts. The story was very interesting & the entire game I couldn't help myself to be inverse.  

I really enjoyed this little story/adventure. The interaction was fantastic and the story itself , I thought, was very immersive.

I was having trouble getting the game to open on my Mac but ultimately solved the issue by downloading the itch desktop app and launching it through there. So I recommend that if you're having trouble getting the game to start!

I loved the game, still recovering from the experience.


Loved this game! Honestly thought it was great and wish I could replay this game over and over again.

my favorite of all narrative games I've ever played, by far. this game is in it's own league in every way.

I loved this game and left a very positive curator review.

This is such an amazing game.

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this is a amazing game

edit: ive seen it on youtube!


small eyes